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Our basic terms and conditions

  • Rooms exceeding 200 sq. ft. will be charged for.

  • Feasibility of moving furniture will be assessed by the technician at the time of the clean and a firm price given to the customer.

  • Severe, pet stains, stains, spots and traffic areas may be charged for in addition to the basic clean.

  • We service customers within a 20 mile radius of zip codes 27587 (Raleigh Branch) and 28025 (Concord Branch).

  • The technician may adjust the time on the day of the clean depending on his timetable.

  • Customer must call before making any purchases or bookings to check proximity and availability.

  • The technician reserves the right to asses any furniture and decide whether the customers’ expectations are achievable.

  • Stain removal is not guaranteed.

  • Add on packages may vary depending on the number of rooms to be cleaned.

  • All valuable breakable furniture must be removed before cleaning takes place.

  • The property must be made accessible for the technician and the equipment.

  • Animals must be locked away before the clean takes place.

  • Owner to check that the parking is within 200 feet of furthest point in the building

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